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The team at Boson understands our business and the technical challenges we face. The intuitive content management solutions they have developed for us allow our global network of companies to work together more closely and achieve tighter control of our multilingual website content as well as streamlining processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs. We are delighted with the service we get from Boson, they always deliver great results.

Alan Cook Rotork
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About Boson; Web App Development

What is a Web App?

(web·ap) Abv. Web based application;

Software that runs over the internet; software that is accessed via a web browser; an online tool.  The advantage of a web app is that it can be reached from any computer with an internet connection. Examples of web apps include:

Online shops, Bloggs, Booking systems, Content Management Systems

What do we do?

Our work covers web application development; website design and build; content management systems, ecommerce solutions; intranets and extranets, to name a few.

Why would you need a web app?

5 times faster

The first Monday of our new time sheet software saw nearly all our timesheets completed. At best, we’d expect 20% to be complete by this time on our old system.

Ian Bryant FTX Logistics

There are several reasons why you might want our help... Typically, our clients come to us because they want to:

Speed up a processSpeed up a process

Streamline a business process or connect different processes together

Save timeSave time, enhance productivity
Enhance productivity within their team or network 

Boost website performanceBoost website performance
Boost the performance of their website and make it easier to manage within the organisation

Joel Boson Media Developer

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Find out how you can improve your productivity with a web app... Find out how you can improve your productivity with a web app

How to improve productivity with a web appWeb app portal; access to several web apps