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The first Monday of our new time sheet software saw nearly all our timesheets completed. At best, we’d expect 20% to be complete by this time on our old system.

Ian Bryant FTX Logistics
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About FTX Logistics

FTX Logistics

FTX operates the Heavy Equipment Transporter service for the MoD and are suppliers of temporary drivers and DSA registered LGV driving instructors.

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A staff intranet and timesheet application, providing:

  • Remote access to Health & Safety information 
  • Automated timesheet submissions

FTX reported benefits including: Improved management information Faster administration

Challenge: Engage staff & enhance internal communications

FTX needed an efficient way to communicate with staff, particularly HEV drivers who were located across the country. As a commercial organization, staff productivity is a constant focus and so the automation of manual processes to optimize staff time was a key objective.

Also, the company had recently launched its ‘Zero Harm’ Health & Safety initiative. Continued reinforcement of the campaign was a high priority.

Solution: A staff intranet and timesheet management system

A bespoke timesheet ‘web app’ (Web Application) enables drivers to quickly input their week’s hours, in a predefined, controlled manner – from any location. Managers can review a driver’s input at any time and amend if necessary.

A private intranet, integrated within the new company website, was created to allow staff private access to key Health & Safety information. Individual receipt of key documents is monitored through the system so managers know who has read what, and when.

Key features include:

  • Email and SMS (text message) reminders of new information & required actions
  • Personalised information for staff
  • Document sharing and readership ‘tracking’
  • Management reports & administration

Impact: Efficient administration processes & greater employee engagement

Time sheet administration was transformed. Drivers found the new software easier and faster than the incumbent paper-based system while managers reported a 300% improvement in processing submissions.

A recent Health & Safety audit commended the intranet on its support of the company’s ‘Zero Harm’ safety initiative. The SMS reminders, document ‘read receipts’ and management reports have ensured that key information gets to those who need it.

This bespoke Intranet web app (application) is built on the open source platform 'LAMP' (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP 5) and developed using Zend Framework (ZF). Find out more about Zend Framework and why we use it in our developer blog post: www.bosonmedia.net/blog/2010/09/why-we-use-zend

Other technical features include:

  • API integration with 3rd party SMS text messaging service
  • Data import / export services compatible with Microsoft Excel
  • Group-based and individual email notifications and messages
  • Scheduled tasks ('Cron jobs') and automated reports