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Peter Hirst "

The new system has improved our information distribution by 95%

Peter Hirst Rotork
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About Rotork


Rotork is the world’s leader in the design and manufacturer of industrial valve actuators, valve control systems, valve gearboxes and accessories.

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A product specification web app for customers and sales teams, featuring:

  • Product-to-application specification matching service
  • Intelligent rules and exceptions 

Rotork reported benefits including 95% improvement in data management.

Challenge: To increase efficiency and accuracy in product identification

Rotork needed an efficient way of distributing complex product information that was subject to regular updates and multiple variations.

Historically a CD-based Product Database had been globally distributed to international sales staff to identify appropriate product combination/s for a given set of customer requirements. The CD had to redistributed each time a product update was released, creating a logistical overhead. Managing the multiple versions in circulation was a serious problem.

Solution: An intuitive web application ‘sizing guide’ 

Boson created an application to identify the appropriate product for the customer’s requirements. Customers are able to accurately search and purchase products more efficiently and effectively. Sales representatives quote accurately and customer satisfaction increases.

Impact: Increased efficiency, greater accuracy, reduced overheads and a more effective sales team

Our solution has increased the speed, efficiency and accuracy of valuable product updates. The sales teams benefit from greater access to the latest information and their customers benefit from a higher level of choice and responsiveness to their needs.

This bespoke Intranet web app (application) is built on the open source platform 'LAMP' (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP 5) and developed using Zend Framework (ZF). Find out more about Zend Framework and why we use it in our developer blog post: www.bosonmedia.net/blog/2010/09/why-we-use-zend