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Transcend Consultancy Solution

Transcend Consultancy Solution

Transcend help to improve an organisation’s performance through effective change leadership. They asses characteristics and develop awareness of an individual’s behaviour in relation to leading change.  And help to develop wider individual skills within leadership roles. These results are achieved through a proven framework and an advanced algorithm, developed by Transcend’s experienced practitioners.

As Michael Thorley put it:

“We want more people to lead more effectively.  Our aim was to make our framework accessible to more and more people so we needed to reduce costs while enhancing the overall quality.”

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The Zend Framework

The Zend Framework

Typically, our online software is built on the open source platform ‘LAMP’ (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP 5) and developed using Zend Framework (ZF).

Lots of web developers use a framework to provide basic building blocks for a website or a software app. A framework is like a car engine, packed with parts. You can use standardised parts, or use your own custom ones. You could design and build your own spark plugs if you wanted to, but in most cases it will be much quicker and easier to use off-the-shelf spark plugs that you know will do the job.

Using a framework means you have lots and lots of parts to choose from, and a community of fellow framework users to discuss problems with.

At Boson, we settled on the Zend Framework back in 2007, and we’ve not looked back.

Zend is extremely flexible. You can build something solely in Zend, or just use the Zend components that suit the job. You can even mix-and-match Zend components with those from other frameworks, if necessary. There are Zend components for nearly everything, and if you find a need for something new – well, you can write your own.

Zend also comes with excellent documentation, an official certification programme, and a thriving community of users.

By choosing Zend as our framework, we’re giving ourselves the best of both worlds. We have the freedom to develop a new website or webapp in the way that best fits what our client needs.

There is a small price to pay for this freedom and flexibility – unlike other frameworks, Zend makes greater demands on us as developers. You need a certain degree of skill to use it. But we think that’s a price well worth paying if it gets us the programming tools we need to do the job properly.

That’s why we use Zend.