Customer Portal, Coming Soon…

Customer Portal, Coming Soon…

Customer Portal, Coming Soon…

At Boson, we’ve started work on something that we’re really quite excited about.  It’s early days, and I wanted to share it with you because I need to hear what you think.

We’re calling it our Customer Portal (that’s a working title for now) but you could think of it as a members’ area for your customers and staff.


First, a quick bit of background…


We’d noticed a common theme in the projects you’ve been asking for… You’ve been struggling using phone calls and email for tasks that would work better through a customer portal; Tasks like:

  • Sharing documentation
  • Raising support requests
  • Troubleshooting problems
  • Reviewing account information & invoices
  • Collaborating on tasks and / or controlling processes

We have the same problems too

And I realised that, at Boson, we struggle with email for this type of thing too, particularly for those project-related or technical conversations. Keeping track of those details is a pain over email, no matter how well organised you are. I’m conscious that our customers don’t always want to email or call us either; Sometimes you’d prefer to help yourself to answers. That’s especially true for our myChaletBooking customers.

Starting work

So we set ourselves a challenge… Can we combine all the key things you’ve been asking for into a system that we can all use? And so we’ve started work on a new product… It’ll include features like:

  • Shared document spaces
  • Support ticketing
  • Help and trouble shooting guides
  • Customisable workflows and processes
  • Product inventories
  • Ordering facilities

And it’ll support multiple languages and be mobile friendly.

Most importantly it’ll be adaptable to fit the way you need to work, without the premium of fully bespoke software.

At Boson, we’re going to use it. For us, it’ll be somewhere to organise our relationship with you… A shared space to do business.  And perhaps it’ll be something you could use for your customers?

Ultimately, it will free us all from the day-to-day admin; So we have more time for the really important stuff with our customers.

We’ve started, first release September 2015

We will have a Beta version ready in September. So If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see – tell us. And of course you’re welcome to a preview nearer the time – just let us know.

01225 309690

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