Improving the daily grind

Improving the daily grind

Improving the daily grind

This week was a fantastic week at Boson HQ. We are fuelled by coffee, from sugary to milky, double espressos to lattés and the odd cappuccino. Coffee is at the heart of all of us and radiates through to our work. You can imagine the sheer joy when the new coffee machine arrived. The same excitement levels as a child at 6am on Christmas morning.

There was no funeral for the old coffee machine. The old machine had served us well but it was becoming a bit of a grind to use (pardon the pun). Let’s look at what we had to do just to make one cup:

  • Press button to heat water
  • Fill filter holder
  • Level off & press down
  • Attach holder to the machine (some times requiring several attempts to get it in the groove)
  • Wait for water to heat up
  • Place your cup under the nozzle while your cup fills (you must hold it as it vibrates off the edge)
  • Detach the filter holder, empty the contents and wash

Then you were free to enjoy your beverage. Unlucky if you are included a prestigious office coffee circle and it’s your ‘round’, you then have to repeat this process multiple times!

The new machine is amazing and certainly helps to keep the spirits high. Look how short the list is now:

  • Put one scoop of coffee or beans in the top
  • Press two buttons
  • Place your cup under the nozzle while cup fills

We all know the saying is ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it’ but if the upgrade is affordable and going to be more efficient, why not?! It struck me that’s a similarity between this time saving gadget and what we do day in, day out for our clients;

Does the principle apply to your business too?

If you are still completing onerous tasks, perhaps manually imputing spreadsheets and collating reports daily or weekly, could you change? Is time being wasted that could be better spent elsewhere?  Maybe it’s time for a new coffee machine?

P.S. Our client FTX Logistics, struggled with manual data entry; recording information into spreadsheets for weekly reporting. They radically changed that by creating an automated process – this case with an online timesheet systems. To read the timesheet app case study, click here.

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